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The Blog of The Bride: Part I

August 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I’ve never been a fan of The Bride. No, this isn’t hate mail. I mean that in the most simplistic of ways, I was never the teen ripping out pages of Bridal magazines to save in hopes of my big wedding day. I’ve never watched one, not even the slightest second of a bridal “reality” tv show, would have NEVER thought there was any chance that I could morph into a Bridezilla, I would’ve bet against the Vegas odds any day of the week. Particularly since I eloped the first time around and avoided the whole mess.

Yes, I’m on what we call…..”attempt #2,” “Post Failure #1” or a plethora of other pseudonyms. Low risk for Bridezilla-esque behavior, by most anyone’s standards. I don’t fancy myself much of a materialist, I would gladly give up my BMW and ride my golden yellow 1973 Duchess bicycle everywhere if it were feasible. Navigating the world of real estate from the seat of the Duchess, complete with a basket may have a negative impact on my ability provide for my ever growing family so I’ll have to stick with the 320 for now. Though if I’m being completely honest, I close my eyes at night dreaming of riding that beauty through the streets of Europe on my way to show homes.

Heading into “round #2” I simply wanted to marry the man that I have fallen for in so many different ways-that the backdrop, the company, the dress, the music, what (if anything) I would be holding in my hands, didn’t matter-all that mattered was that I would be staring into his steely blue eyes, promising to be his for the rest of my days. If I had any idea at all in my head it was that I would be shoeless…. that was pretty much my only stronghold. Barefoot nuptials for this chica.
We toyed around with the idea of marrying on the beaches in Oceanside California, or even La Jolla (my fantasy home). Those fantasies included, ourselves, the children, no wait not the children….our entire families…no… not them either. Maybe just us. Yes, just us.

Fantasies ensued from coast to coast, worldwide and everywhere in between. Until we stepped foot on the grounds of The Partington Spring House, on that day it was comparable only to the pull we had felt instantaneously toward one another. As a Realtor, I see cool properties ALL THE TIME, I’ve become numb over the years and there might be one home or property each year that makes me feel tingly inside. As we meandered the property with one of my bestie’s and her sister, it become abundantly clear if THIS was the property they would purchase to expand their business, THIS would be the place where we would wed. This was a year ago now. Our journey to wed on this peace filled slice of land is chock full of twists and turns, a page turner if you will. The end result, in 5 short weeks will be Bohemian inspired nuptials full of nature and familial inspiration. Hands raised in prayer, crossed fingers and every other imaginable superstition in hopes that the universe will keep the rain away. Rain Gods be damned!

Written By: 
Jessica Long-Botkin, Future Ohio Bride
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty 

Venue: The Partington Spring House www.partingtonspringhouse.com


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